4 Ways To Use Jealousy To Get Your Ex Back For Sure! Mind Blowing Tricks You Don" t Want To Miss

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Jealousy is one strange "animal". It can break a relationship or it can make the relationship tighter. It can consume or it might turn you off. If you know your ex pretty well and think that a little jealousy play might actually bring your ex back, here are some ways to do it.

Go out with someone "hot" - ...hotter, if need be, in terms of your potential date's looks and qualifications. If you have no idea who to reel in for the jealousy play, then ask your friends to set you up with one. In case there's a real "hot" date in the offing, why do you want to get back with your ex?

Have the time of your life - Take the vacation that you have always dreamed of but never materialized because of pressing commitments. Ask for a time off work or wait for the school break to take your vacation. If your ex gets wind of the fun that you are actually having he/she might think twice or thrice why he/she left you.

Show off your new "love" interest - If you are going out on friendly dates now, show-off your date to your ex's friends. The news will definitely reach your ex's ear and if he/she is possessive, it just might be the trick to have your ex call you and interrogate or better, come running to your door.

Let your ex know that you are having fun - Even if you still feel raw because of the breakup, put up a happy face and a brave front. The lonelier you are, the more your ex will feel that the decision to split up was a brilliant idea. However, if you show up a happy and brave front, your ex might take a second look back and wonder why he/she split up with you in the first place.

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