How to Kick Off One Water Ski

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  • 1). Get up and ski on two skis. Instruct your boat driver to stay steady at about 22 to 24 mph.

  • 2). Transfer your weight slowly and steadily until it is 90 percent over your slalom leg, which is your stronger leg.

  • 3). Lift your heel out of the binding of the ski that is supporting only a fraction of your weight and let the ski fall away. All of your weight is now on your slalom ski.

  • 4). Drag your toes lightly in the water if you feel unsteady.

  • 5). Kick your free foot into the binding of your slalom ski behind your front foot.

  • 6). Relax and make slow movements to get the feel of riding only one ski.

  • 7). Lean in different directions to steer.

  • 8). Release the rope and sit back into the water when you are finished skiing.

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