How to Cha Cha Slide

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The cha cha slide dance has become one of the most favorite dance moves in the history of dancing.
It is created by DJ Casper, also known as Mr.
C, and began as a song, popularized by many music stations.
Learning how to cha cha slide is easy.
If you want to know how, you may consider reading this article.
During the song, different steps are will be mentioned so there is no need to memorize the steps.
All you need is to listen closely to the song and steps by Mr.
At the beginning of the song, you'll hear the phrase "to the left, take it back now ya'll".
This is the first step you need to know on how to cha cha slide.
You can do this by making two steps to the left while your right leg crosses behind your left.
And then, take two steps back while moving your right leg, then your left again.
After that, touch your right foot with your left leg to make sure that your feet are together.
"One hop this time, right foot let's stomp, now cha cha!" You can do this move by hopping in place, then raising and stomping your right foot and the same with your left.
When you hear "cha cha now ya'll" do a step back with your right foot over your left, then taking one step back with your left foot.
And then, move your right foot back to its original position.
"Turn it out" or "let's go to work".
This one of the most important things you need to know on how to cha cha slide.
You can do this by making a slight turn to your left while doing a grapevine step.
This can be done by turning to the right with your right foot, then taking another step with your right foot.
After that, turn to your left foot across your right while taking another step with your right foot.
The ending should be done with your left foot touching your right, side by side.
"Clap your hand!" and "Criss cross".
If you hear this, you need to clap your hands 16 times.
Then, jump on your feet while crossing over your left, then jump both feet out together.
"Slide to the left, "Slide to the right" These are important in learning how to cha cha slide.
These steps can be done by taking a step to the left while sliding your right foot to your left.
Then, you can do this again for the "slide to the right" but you need to step with your right foot, sliding to your left.
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