What You Can Do To Save Money On Hotels

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When it comes to families who are on a budget, the best way to save money while on vacation is by choosing a hotel room with its own kitchenette or traveling in the off-season. Amenities like that give guests a way to save money on food and dining costs without sacrificing on the quality of their hotels, which is definitely something to look for when trying to find an affordable place to stay on your next vacation.

A well-known entrepreneur, Marc Eisenmann is the owner of Hollywood Beach Hotels in South Florida. And according to him, there are plenty of ways to take a beach vacation without going broke.

Have your vacations in the off-season.
According to Eisenmann, people can significantly cut costs by traveling to Florida in the off-season,. The most expensive time to go to Florida is from Thanksgiving until Easter. And then once Easter passes, it is officially the off-season. The difference in hotel pricing during the off-season can be as much 50% less than during the high-season winter months.

People who can plan trips during the weekdays can expect to save even more money, because it is typically much less expensive to stay at many of the hotels on Hollywood Beach from Sunday through Thursday than it would be to book a room on a Friday or Saturday.

Choose the hotel rooms with small kitchens.
The costs associated with dining out for three meals a day, five nights in a row can be astronomical. And it is unfeasible for most families to spend $150 to $200 for each dinner outside of the hotel during a weeks vacation. Therefore, Eisenmann always recommend to people with large families that they check out hotels that offer rooms with small kitchens or kitchenettes. Having a kitchenette in the hotel room is a great way to reduce costs since it is much cheaper to buy breakfast and lunch items at a grocery store than to eat all of those meals out at cafes and restaurants.

Beverages can be priced upwards of $3 a pop at some Hollywood Beach hotels, and families are forced to leave the resort if they want to spend any less than $150 or $200 on dinner with the kids. No matter how good of a price you got on a hotel room, if you are being forced to spend that much on food, then that is not a good overall deal. Instead, if you cook some meals yourself and eat some meals out at nice restaurants, you can get the most bang for your buck in a down economy.

Filling a mini fridge with food from a nearby supermarket is one of the best ways to satisfy picky eaters as well, since it allows parents to feed kids many of their favorite foods from home even while they are on vacation. And because hotels in Hollywood Beach typically have outdoor eating areas, Eisenmann says it is oftentimes more desirable to enjoy a fun family dinner at an outdoor table than to be stuck inside a restaurant spending a bunch of money on a fancy meal.

Take advantage of last-minute savings.
It can be risky to wait until the last minute to book a hotel stay, because theres no telling how bookings will be during the week in which you were planning to stay. In the current economy, however, there are likely to be far more rooms available to vacationers even for those who wait until the last minute to make a reservation. The downside, however, is that prices will not fluctuate that much depending on when the hotel room is reserved. Vacationers should understand in advance that more risk might be involved in waiting until the last minute to book a hotel room than there is benefit, since its unlikely that you will save much money that way.

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