Ecover Design Software - How to Design Your Own Ebook Cover

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If you are looking into writing your own ebook, you are probably thinking of getting a graphic designer to work on your eBook cover.
However, you are aware of how these graphic designers could be when it comes to pricing their services.
Thankfully, there is a way to solve this.
You could actually design the cover of your own eBook yourself.
Now that is something that would totally cut off the cost of the publishing of the ebook.
Since you are going to do the cover without the help of a professional graphic designer, the publishing of your eBook would require less capital.
This would make your success more achievable because you could get higher profits from your eBook in less time.
The secret to this is to get your own ecover design software and let it do all the work for you.
The great thing about this software is you could operate it even when you clearly do not have any background in graphic designer.
Even if you have never done anything that is artistic before and have drawn only stick figures your whole life, you sure will be able to operate an ecover design software.
Becoming a member of the software provider would give you access to the online forums containing detailed instructions on how to operate the software in case of trouble shooting but you would not really need that because the software would be so easy to use.
All you need to do is upload the photo that you want to be in the cover of your eBook and choose which type of cover you would like your eBook to have.
There are over 200 eBook styles you could choose from, guaranteeing that the overall look of your eBook would be according to your satisfaction.
You would not have to pick less than the best for you because with all the choices for the eBook styles, you sure would find at least one that would suit your taste.
Among the over 200 eBook covers you could pick, there are even covers with reflections.
You could pick those if you wish to make your eBook have a three dimensional look and make it appear more realistic.
Of course, having an eBook that looks more real than the others would have more attention and would therefore have more buyers.
Once you have uploaded the photo you want to be put in the cover and have picked the eBook style and shape you like, you could now proceed to editing the cover.
You could create various effects found in other photo editor softwares.
You could customize the size of the working area and use tools to flip the photo horizontally and vertically.
You could also edit the photo's opacity and even rotate it however you want.
With your own ecover design software, you would not have to worry about paying for a designer that would ask for ridiculously high fees.
All you need to do is purchase a membership in one of the many ecover design software providers and do the covers on your own.
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