How to Calculate the Transfer Function for a Process

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    • 1). Click “Start,” “All Programs” and “MathWorks.” Select the System Identification Tool GUI. Click “Estimate” and “Process models” to open the process models dialog box.

    • 2). Select “2” and “Underdamped” under the Poles text on the Model Transfer Function area. This selection updates the Model Transfer Function to a second-order model structure containing complex poles. Uncheck the “Zero” and “Integrator” check boxes to exclude a zero and an integrator from the model.

    • 3). Select “Auto-selected” on the Initial Guess area to calculate the initial parameter values for the estimation. The Initial Guess column in the Parameters section should now have values “Auto.”

    • 4). Maintain the default values for Bounds column which defines the minimum and maximum values of each parameter. Keep the default settings for the estimation algorithm such as “Disturbance Model.” Click “Estimate” to start estimation.

    • 5). Click “Model output” check box in the GUI. Click “model” icon on the system identification tool window to show the calculated model.

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