How to Save an Access Query in Excel With VBA

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    • 1). Open Microsoft Office Access 2007, select "Database Tools" then click "Visual Basic." Select the "Insert" menu and click "Module."

    • 2). Copy and paste the following into your new module.

      Private Sub ExportAccessDataToExcel()

      Dim SqlString As String

      SqlString = "CREATE TABLE testMeasurements (TestName TEXT, Status TEXT)"

      DoCmd.SetWarnings False

      DoCmd.RunSQL (SqlString)

      SqlString = "INSERT INTO testMeasurements VALUES('Average Power','PASS')"

      DoCmd.RunSQL (SqlString)

      SqlString = "INSERT INTO testMeasurements VALUES('Power Vs Time','FAIL')"

      DoCmd.RunSQL (SqlString)

      SqlString = "SELECT testMeasurements.TestName, testMeasurements.Status INTO exportToExcel "

      SqlString = SqlString & "FROM testMeasurements "

      SqlString = SqlString & "WHERE (((testMeasurements.TestName)='Average Power'));"

      DoCmd.RunSQL (SqlString)

      DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel7, _

      "exportToExcel", "G:\TestMeasurements.xls", True, "A1:G12"

      End Sub

    • 3). Run the subroutine by pressing "F5."

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