What after MBA? Let's clear the path for you

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Not only students pursing MBA but their families, friends and other aspiring MBA candidates are often bugged by this question. Most institutes promise 100% placements, but are they true to it? What are the career avenues that MBA opens up for you? We'll answer these questions for you here.


The top B schools have their own placement cells and programs that assure you a job once you've completed your course. But for the lesser known institutes or private ones in which education is a means of business-placements may be there but may not be of the level you desired. Still, with an MBA degree opportunities are galore. All corporate houses, PSUs, private companies, non-profit organizations and some government departments have the requirement of managers in various fields. If you're a management gradate you can choose a career from the following areas:

General Management and Strategy- Honestly, for freshers there are few options. But for people who have pursued Executive MBA Programs there are many jobs. Generally a company looks for experienced managers to look into its strategic and corporate management side. So if you're an MBA with some experience you're on the heavier side of the scale.

Unconventional Management Sectors- The success of managers with a MBA degree in corporate fields has resulted in an increase in the hiring of people holding an MBA degree in specialized areas. Some of the top ones being environmental management, international business, health care administration, arts and humanities management, educational administration, public administration/ government and non-profit management.

Human Resource Management- The in- demand career option. If you have a PGDM or MBA degree with specialization in human resources you will land up for many lucrative corporate positions. HR also opens organisational management positions for you like - job analysis, employee relations, restructuring analysis, skill development, recruitment, hiring specialist, and so on.

Consulting- Be a management consultant. Deal with profit and cost management, strategic alliance formation, emerging market positioning, automation and technology utilization. You can get into two types of consulting firms- The classic Fortune-500 companies or consulting firms that specialize in a specific sector of business or industry.

Finance- The most sought after posting in a company is if you're MBA finance or MBA banking. Most prospective jobs for finance MBAs fall within investment banks, corporations, and securities firms and the consulting industry.

Marketing- Loads and loads of jobs in this sector. With a MBA in Marketing in India you are eligible for positions such as marketing or brand manager, market research analyst and new product manager. You can also get jobs in allied industry like sales, advertising, PR (public relations) and marketing.
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