Taking The Bite Out Of Ticks And Fleas

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Taking the Bite Out of Ticks and Fleas

Fleas and ticks are a common pet health problem for dogs and cats. Fleas and ticks both carry a host of diseases that can be quite dangerous to your pet if they are not treated in the early stages.. These creatures can also make themselves at home in your house and yard, making it a challenge to get rid of them once and for all. In many cases, prevention is the best medicine, and there are effective products that can achieve this goal. Let's take a closer look at these microscopic pests and the big havoc they can wreak on pet health.

Fleas are not nearly as entertaining as they are portrayed in cartoons. These tiny creatures will at the very least cause skin irritation and itching, and they can infect your pet with a host of potentially serious diseases. Some of the illnesses transmitted by fleas include:

Flea Allergy Dermatitis This skin irritation causes severe itching and biting, which can result in scabs and loss of hair in infected areas. The condition is caused by an allergic reaction to the flea's saliva.

Tapeworm These parasites can be transmitted to both dogs and cats through fleas. Usual symptoms include itching around the anus and pieces of tapeworms showing up in feces.

Rickettsiosis This disease infects cats, but the felines usually don't show any symptoms. Instead, they pass the illness to their human companions. Symptoms include a high fever, severe headache and delirium.

Ticks are small parasites that feed on their host by sucking its blood. Unlike fleas, ticks are easily visible, but you don't always see them on your pet, particularly on long-haired varieties. Ticks can also transmit a number of diseases, including:

Lyme Disease This bacterial infection is characterized by fever, loss of appetite and enlarged lymph nodes. When properly diagnosed, Lyme Disease is easily treated with antibiotics.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever This illness has some similar symptoms to Lyme Disease. If left untreated, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can result in permanent damage or even death.

There is no doubt that fleas and ticks are nasty buggers your precious pets can live without. The best way to treat problems is by preventing the problem before it begins. Keep those tiny critters at bay with Frontline flea and tick protection that will kill current parasites and keep more from coming. Frontline products are easy to apply to your pet's skin and will continue working for a month or more. You can find Frontline Plus for Dogs that tailors the dosage to your dog's size and weight. Frontline Plus for Cats is an effective formula designed especially for your favorite feline. Frontline spray is gentle enough to use on both puppies and kittens, but strong enough to kill existing fleas in 24-hours and keep new infestations away for up to 30 days. Stop fleas and ticks in their tracks with effective, easy to apply protection for your pet from Frontline.
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