How to Travel to Germany With a Personal Laptop

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    • 1). Purchase a suitable case or laptop sleeve. The Transportation Security Administration allows laptops to remain in their cases if the cases meet specific requirements, although security measures will vary from airport to airport). A basic, soft sleeve with no metal parts will make airport screening more streamlined.

    • 2). Install an encryption program and back up all your files to ensure the safety of your information. For maximum theft protection, install a tracing program (such as Computrace) so that you can trace your laptop if it is lost or stolen.

    • 3). Check your laptop to determine if it can handle Germany's 230- to 240-volt electrical outlets. If not, purchase an appropriate transformer/voltage converter and electrical plug adapter.

    • 4). Pack an extra battery in your checked luggage. Do not carry extra batteries with you on the plane, as some airlines ban such items from carry-on luggage.

    • 5). Charge your laptop before your flight. You may not get a chance to charge it during the flight, as some airplanes are not equipped with outlets..

    • 6). Pack your laptop in its sleeve or case. You may keep this sleeve in your carry-on bag or briefcase for travel, but you will need to remove it from your larger bag for security screening.

    • 7). Turn off your laptop before entering airport security screening, and remove it from any larger bags containing other items.

    • 8). Place your laptop in its soft sleeve in its own security tray, with no metal on top or beneath it. Send your laptop through X-ray screening. Even while following security protocol, your laptop may require additional screening. Security personnel may ask you to turn it on so they can screen it.

    • 9). Keep your laptop with you during your flight. To ensure that it is not damaged during travel, store it under your seat instead of in the overhead compartment, where other luggage may bump or crush it.

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