How to Diagnose Power Window Control Problems

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If you've owned vehicles without power windows and vehicles with power windows, you know how nice the power windows are.
Power windows are the only way to go, especially when you need to roll down the passenger window while sitting in the driver's seat or roll all the windows up because it's starting to rain.
In fact, the only time power windows don't rock, is when one doesn't work.
How Power Window Control Systems Work Power windows are actually pretty simple animals made up of four main elements; the window motor, the window regulator, the assembly that holds the window, and the control switch.
When you activate the switch, an electrical current goes to the motor pushing the window up or down in correlation with the direction of the switch.
Most window control systems use a thermal fuse as a safety feature.
The fuse will cut power to the system if the wires get to warm from over use and return power when everything cools down.
Diagnosing your Power Window Control System Operate all the windows from the driver's main control noting if any don't work.
If at least one window operates there is power to the main switch.
So it's probably not a fuse in the vehicle's electrical system.
Operate the windows from the individual door switches.
Make sure the window lock switch is turned off.
Listen to the failing window as you try to operate it.
If you can't hear anything, remove the switch and test it with a circuit tester.
Ground the tester to a good source and probe the switch, if no power is present and the window worked from the driver's door, the problem is between the driver's door and the switch at the failing window.
Check for loose connections and broken wires.
If power is present, operate the switch in one direction and then the other checking for power on each terminal individually.
If switch passes, return to the driver's door and test the correlating switch in the same manner.
The main switch should have power at all terminals when operated.
It will pass power to the secondary switch for the failing window.
If the main switch failed this test, replace it.
If the main switch passed and the secondary switch failed, replace the secondary switch.
If both passed, your problem is in one of the two remaining parts.
Remove the door panel and look for obvious problem with the regulator.
Broken cables or a loose connection to the motor can cause the window to fail.
The motor has two wires.
Test it by grounding on terminal and energizing the other.
To make the motor operate in the other direction change the polarity by swapping the ground and energy.
If the motor fails either test, replace the motor.
If the motor passes, something is bad in the regular.
It could be a stripped gear or broken cable and you need to replace the regulator.
Check AutoTruckToys.
com How To Section for a video of a power window motor replacement and see how easy it really is.
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