Conquering Daily Cholesterol Intake Adjustments Can Come With Some Unforeseen Challenges

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For most people it is no easy task to keep daily cholesterol intake in a healthy range and for that matter resist that last minute temptation that can ruin a whole day of dietary discipline.
I faced one of these challenges myself a few days ago and would enjoy sharing with you if you have a couple of minutes.
It was a weekend night and as usually my wife and I were out to dinner at our favorite restaurant.
Most of the servers know us, since we have been going there for years, and have given up on asking us whether we would like to order a high saturated fat desert.
Well, maybe they don't mention saturated fat, but you get the picture.
But last week we had a very young new server who insisted on showing us their new low fat dessert.
She unveiled the brownie, pointing out that it had less sugar than its predecessor.
I politely declined but wondered how many people had fallen for this marketing ploy.
As you probably know most brownies are very high in saturated fat, cholesterol, calories, and sugar.
And what does less sugar mean.
A little less than a lot is still a lot! I'm sure you have faced this same situation and it is easy to fall off of the cholesterol reduction wagon because of temptations just like this one, thinking something along the lines of just this one time.
Now let's get down to business as to what our daily cholesterol intake should be.
Let's look at what the American Heart Association has to say about daily cholesterol intake in relation to calories and fat.
Calories from fat should account for no more than 30 percent of the total calories consumed with problematic saturated fat accounting for no more than 10 percent of total calories consumed each day.
Why is saturated fat such a big deal? Pretty simple actually, saturated fat raises your cholesterol levels more than any other type of fat.
So if you can find a way to keep saturated fat under control chances are your high cholesterol reading will start to improve dramatically.
By some estimates, a simple regime consisting of reducing saturated fat intake to 8 percent of total calories combined with moderate exercise (walking, ping-pong, tennis) could reduce cholesterol levels in the neighborhood of 30 percent in just a few weeks.
Yes, I did mention ping-pong! Foods to watch out for when attempting to reduce daily cholesterol intake: meats, whole milk, cheese, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oils, egg yolks, liver, duck, goose, and process meats (salami, bologna, hot dogs), In summary, we have just been able to cover a few basics to reduce daily cholesterol intake and I would encourage you to gather as much information as possible.
Additionally, many natural health minded individual have found that by implementing a natural cholesterol reducing supplement, along with lifestyle modification techniques, they have been able to improve their results even more.
Certainly natural cholesterol supplements are not for everyone but if you need that extra boost they could be just what is need to get you over the daily cholesterol intake hump.
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