Clown Face Painting Instructions

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    Basic Clown Face

    • Draw a diagram of the face. Decide what shapes will be used for the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth and draw them on the diagram. Color the desired face paint color in the appropriate areas. This will help reduce the time it takes to paint the basic clown face.

      When painting the basic clown face, begin by covering the entire face with a white base. Begin at the eyebrows and work from top to bottom. This will help eliminate smears. Draw the shape of the eyebrows first, then fill them in with face paint.

      Move to the eyes and outline the shape that will appear around them. Fill in the area with the appropriate face paint. A design is not necessary around the eyes. Simply painting the eyelids is also appropriate.

      Draw the shape for the nose and fill it in with paint. If you plan to use an artificial nose, eliminate this step.

      The mouth should be the final area to paint. Outline the shape of the mouth, making sure it is larger than the individual's mouth. The more exaggerated the better. The mouth tells everyone how the clown is feeling. Fill in the outline with the appropriate color.

    Adult or Child

    • Face painting clowns is fun for both children and adults. Designs may vary, but the process is the same. Basic clown faces have a white face and are either happy or sad. Children seem to enjoy this type of clown the best.

      Adults enjoy various types of clowns, from happy and sad to scary and demonic. An easy way to move away from the basic clown face is to base the face with any color except white. Enjoy experimenting.


    • When designing the shape of the eyebrows, lips, nose and eyes, it is important to exaggerate the features. Make them large and prominent.

      The same clown face design will look extremely different if the areas are painted in different colors.

      The mouth design does not have to always smile or frown. Turning a corner of the lips up or down adds a dramatic look. Experiment with different shapes.

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