Agoura Hills Movers - Get to Know the Community

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Agoura Hills movers have a lot to look forward to in this fantastic little Los Angeles community! There are lots of places in the Los Angeles area that attract new residents, and if you're considering relocating to an area in Los Angeles County, there is plenty to consider.
Agoura Hills is a relatively small city in the Los Angeles area, with roughly 20,000 people living there.
It is fairly close to the city of Los Angeles itself, and is only around thirty miles from downtown.
In this brief article, we'll take a look at some of the things Agoura Hills is famous for, including its unique history and music scene, as well as go over what one can expect upon moving there.
The area on which Agoura Hills now stands was originally owned by a Spanish citizen in the 1700s, and was later, after being settled by Americans, used as a stop for travelers.
A community was founded around the rest stop, but construction picked up rapidly in the 1960s.
By the late 1970s, schools had been founded and most of downtown had been built.
Agoura Hills was made a city in 1982 by a 68% majority vote.
The 80's were, after the inception of Agoura Hills as a city, a period of tremendous growth.
This contrast between long periods of very little growth ending in a short amount of very rapid growth has created a striking blend of old and new within the city.
Agoura Hills is famous for its music as well, especially live music in the fields of alternative rock, metal, and hip hop.
Famous bands from the area are Delve, Underwood, and Fort Minor.
This wellspring of music is usually accredited to the immigration of young families with children, which picked up on the prominence of the arts in Agoura Hills and went on to form bands such as Linkin Park and Hoobastank.
This wave of immigration followed by a musical revolution has happened twice, and is expected to happen again in a few years.
Agoura Hills movers will find a lot to offer - especially new families looking for a pleasant, easygoing place to raise a child in Los Angeles County.
The focus on visual arts and music gives youths a positive outlet, thereby reducing the crime rate (which was the goal of many city leaders in the first place) and creating a unique culture.
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