Kids Have Fun Taking Yoga

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A lot of children are under stress today due to homework, pressure of competition, scheduling sports practices, endless school activities and many more such reasons. Therefore, parents as well as their children are turning to yoga for relaxation. When you teach yoga to children, it increases the awareness of the body. It also helps develop flexibility, self-control and coordination. This is something that can be applied both in school and in difficult situations.

Yoga has also benefits to reduce hyperactivity and poor concentration in kids. These children desire for movement and sense motivation. Yoga assists in channeling these impulses in a constructive way. Postures that are very helpful are the tree pose and warrior pose. It inspires confidence, calmness and balance.

It's fun when teaching kids poses. They love to do postures that involve stretching like animals. There are poses such as the frog, lion and cat stretch . Kids enjoy these movements and often laugh while doing them. Breathing is also something they enjoy to do. Kids are not always good at keeping their eyes closed. They like to cheat and open their eyes. Expect that if you are teaching, but encourage the kids to close their eyes and to just go inside. It also helps stress because there is then no way to compare yourself to others.

At the end of yoga classes, generally time is spent lying on one's back and listening to relaxing music. Kids are very visual and often can imagine themselves walking on the beach or being in a spot in nature they love. Make use of their imagination to visualize a place that gives them inner peace. Also using imagery about taking all the burdens off their shoulders works well.

Don't forget that kids like to sing. Incorporate some english or sanskrit mantras into the class. Also have a few partner or small group moments in the class where kids can interact. Doing this can encourage teamwork and cooperation. As children have a lot of energy, stretching poses are an incredible way to channel it into activities which will nourish their mind and body.

Additional benefits include improving focus, concentration, confidence and self-esteem. This will enable them to have better focus periods during homework time as well as when taking exams. This ancient practice helps them to manage stress efficiently, and manage behavioral issues as well. Enroll your kids in yoga and if you are a teaching, remember to throw in animal poses and visualizations to make it fun.
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