Freezer Wear

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Working in a cold environment can be miserable without the right clothing. If you work in a freezer throughout the day, then you know that prolonged exposure to the cold without adequate protection will not just make you miserable. It could also make you sick. For this reason, when you work in the freezer, you need the proper freezer wear. Choosing the proper freezer wear should depend on a number of factors. You should consider comfort, durability and ability to provide insulation. You will also need to consider the types of freezer wear that you will require. These types will include the following options.

Insulated Coat

Of course, you will need an insulated coat, like the Siberian Coat available from RefrigiWear. The coat should be comfortable with the proper seaming and elastic. In addition, it should include plenty of insulation like polyester. A water proof outer shell will give extra protection.

Insulated Overalls

While a coat can provide plenty of warmth, insulated overalls could also be a very good option. They will keep the torso and legs warm when working in cold environments all the way down to fifty below. The overalls offered by RefrigiWear provide excellent insulation and water proofing as well as comfort through elastic and material.

Frozen Food Glove

When working in a freezer environment, the frozen food glove is absolutely vital. You cannot allow your hands to get cold because you could actually damage them. Consider the BVT-Chef Revival glove. This type of freezer wear includes foam lining, easy slide on and off as well as a knit wrist that will ensure drafts do not get to the hands.

Thermal Socks

It is always a good idea to keep the extremities warm when working in the freezer. The gloves will keep your hands warm and you need to make use of thermal socks to keep the feet warm. Consider the RefrigiWear Thermal Wick Socks, which can manage frigid temperatures. The socks are made to absorb moisture for comfort and are made from acrylic that is double in thickness for better insulation.

Thermal Mask

In extremely frigid temperatures and for extended amounts of time working in the freezer, then you may need to consider the thermal mask to protect the head, ears, face and neck. A mask option for freezer wear from RefrigiWear includes a double layer knit for warmth and includes an open hole that will not obstruct vision.

Choosing the right freezer wear is a must if you work in a very cold environment for a very long amount of time. This is important for your comfort as well as for your safety.
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