Hospital Vocabulary List

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Lab technician

English: Lab technician
Pinyin: huàyàn shì yī jì rényuán
trad: 化驗室醫技人員
simp: 化验室医技人员

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Medical chart

English: Medical chart
Pinyin: bìnglì biǎo
trad: 病歷表
simp: 病历表

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Medical waste disposal

English: Medical waste disposal
Pinyin: yīliáo yòngpǐn fèiqì tǒng
trad: 醫療用品廢棄桶
simp: 医疗用品废弃桶

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English: Obstetrician
Pinyin: chǎn kē yīshī
simp: 产科医师

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Operating room

English: Operating room
Pinyin: shǒushù shì
trad: 手術室
simp: 手术室

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Operating table

English: Operating table
Pinyin: shǒushù tái
trad: 手術台
simp: 手术台

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English: Ophthalmologist
Pinyin: yǎn kē yīshī
trad: 眼科醫師
simp: 眼科医师

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English: Orderly
Pinyin: qín zágōng
trad: 勤雜工
simp: 勤杂工

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Patient's room

English: Patient's room
Pinyin: bìngfáng
trad: 病房
simp: 病房

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English: Pediatrician
Pinyin: xiǎoérkē yīshī
trad: 小兒科醫師
simp: 小儿科医师

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