The Natural Hemorrhoids Relief

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It is believed that more than three quarters of the entire population experience hemorrhoids at one point in their adult lives.
Most people develop this condition between the ages of 45 and 65.
This happens when the veins that are present in the rectal and anal area become swollen and inflamed.
When the swelling and inflammation happens inside the anal cavity it is called internal hemorrhoids.
On the other hand, if the swelling occurs right outside the anus then it is called external hemorrhoids.
Internal hemorrhoids seldom involve pain but normally cause bleeding especially after passing bowel.
It also causes you to constantly feel an urge to pass stool even when there is no longer any stool to pass.
External hemorrhoids often cause itching, irritation and pain around the anus.
These symptoms are also observed when an internal hemorrhoid protrudes from the anus and becomes a prolapsed hemorrhoid.
Prolapsed hemorrhoids are more serious and may require medical evaluation.
The good news is that hemorrhoids seldom require surgery and a majority of cases can be solved with simple and natural hemorrhoids relief.
Increasing the amount of dietary fiber that you consume each day is one of the most successful ways to treat hemorrhoids.
Fiber softens the stool, thus making it easier for you to pass bowel and helps to avoid straining too much during bowel movement.
You can get more fiber either by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables or by taking fiber supplements.
Aside from fiber, you also need to increase your water intake in order to soften your stool.
You need to drink at least eight glasses of water daily.
Since the swelling of blood vessels is caused by a weakening of the rectal muscles, you can also relieve yourself of hemorrhoids symptoms by strengthening these muscles.
This can be accomplished by increasing physical activity or getting involved in a regular exercise regimen.
Still another popular hemorrhoids relief method is the taking of sitz baths.
All you need to do is draw two to three inches of water as hot as you can endure and sit on it for about ten minutes several times each day.
And for best results, you can sit on a towel-wrapped ice pack for another ten minutes right after the sitz bath.
For external hemorrhoids, you may also apply topical ointments and hemorrhoid creams.
To prevent a recurrence of the symptoms you will need to ensure proper anal hygiene.
Instead of wiping or rubbing your anus with dry toilet paper after passing stool, gently pat it with moistened towelettes.
Furthermore, you will need to avoid wearing tight clothing and start using only cotton underwear.
Before undergoing any of the above treatments, however, make sure that you get the proper diagnosis.
A lot of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are also seen in several other medical conditions.
Bleeding, in particular, can be a sign of something more serious such as colon cancer.
Indeed, in order for you to find the right treatment you will have to correctly identify the problem to be addressed.
So have your symptoms examined and diagnosed before doing anything else.
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