Where Do I Start Looking For Sinusitis Cures?

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Maybe you are one of the millions of Americans who have sinus problems also known as sinusitis.
This is one of the most common medical disorders affecting about 30% of the whole population at some time.
It is not really considered as life-threatening but if left untreated for too long, it could be serious.
Usually, acute sinusitis follows influenza or a cold and on the average lasts for up to three weeks.
After three weeks it is categorized as chronic and becomes harder to treat.
Sinus problem symptoms may range from blocked nose to general sick feeling being.
It is important that you do something at the initial stage of the infection.
Most people don't see the doctor right away, and maybe you're one of them.
So it would be best to consider natural ways of curing your problems.
However, if you are hesitant with the natural ways then see your doctor right away.
It's important that you indulge into something that you believe in and will follow through with the treatment.
So generally you have two choices to cure your problems: prescribed medication/over the counter drugs, and natural remedies.
Treatment is commonly done with a prescribed antibiotic that inhibits the bacteria in your sinuses.
And to relieve you from pain and pressure due to the infection, among many options are: decongestants to lessen congestion, take note though that prolonged use of this may cause you harm; pain relievers to lessen pressure-causing pain such as headaches; saline nasal sprays; and inhaling vaporizer steam to pacify your inflamed sinuses.
If you have been treated and still feel pain and pressure, you are advised to further consult your physician for more aggressive treatments.
For initial stage of sinusitis, the best way in curing these problems is to opt for natural ways.
You will be more at peace knowing that you are far from side effects of prescription drugs.
It is also a relief to know that you can start looking for treatment in your own kitchen.
You not only conserve your money on medication and the doctor visit, but you also protect your body from resistance to antibiotics in the future.
Apple cider vinegar is one of the pantry items that gained popularity when it comes to curing sinusitis.
Few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in water are sufficient to put off most flu, cold, and sinus problems.
Nevertheless, if the infection seems to be sneaking up on you, increase the amount of intake to two tablespoons of vinegar in an eight ounce of water and drink it four times a day.
In a matter of few days, you will feel a lot better.
You may also try oregano oil.
Just put few drops of this oil in a juice or a glass of water and take it several times a day.
It is a popular essential oil and has some great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Garlic is also widely known to have components that helps fight infection.
For sinus problems, it is recommended to consume one fresh garlic bud daily.
It's powerful stuff, so prepare yourself - or you can opt for garlic in form of tablets.
In addition to the taste, the smell may be strong so consider adding parsley to it.
Before ending your search for remedies to your problems, spend some time finding out what caused them and take preventive measures.
There are several causes of sinusitis and knowing the real culprit will provide you solutions so you will be less likely to have problems in the future.
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