Curly Hair Care And Management

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Women may be going in for straight hair, but curly hair will always be in. If you have natural curls, rejoice. Curls will always be in fashion.

A lot of women complain that curls are hard to manage. That they are prone to tangles and frizz. These are valid concerns, but most of them can be resolved only if you choose the right hair care.

Apart from good diet and sleep, you need to use specific hair care methods for making it easier to style curls. Avoid stress. Here are some tips for care and management of curly hair.

Prevent Dryness

Curly hair tends to be drier than non-curly hair. This makes curly hair more susceptible to breakage. Curly hair is also frizzier, which is why women are always looking for methods to make curly hair smoother and less frizzy.

If you can prevent dehydration of hair, you can resolve the problem of frizz to a great extent. Well moisturized hair is also naturally shiny and easier to style. For one, dont use shampoos that dehydrate or damage the hair. Many shampoos contain sulfates, which do unmitigated harm to hair. Keranique shampoo, on the other hand, does not contain sulfates and it is pH balanced, which is why thousands of women trust Keranique for their hair care. You can use Keranique as often as required without risking damage to hair.

You should also use a quality conditioner to make hair smoother and better textured. Keranique conditioner, for example, makes hair soft and more voluminous. It also protects hair from sun damage.

You can also prevent dryness by minimizing the use of hair dryers. As far as possible, let hair dry naturally.

Prevent Breakage

Curly hair breaks more easily because it tangles and is also, drier. Never be rough with hair. If it tangles, use a wide toothed comb to smooth out the tangles. Start the detangling process at the end of the hair shaft and gently move towards the scalp as you remove tangles.

Try not to handle hair too frequently, because rubbing actions make hair more prone to damage.
Dont pull hair when brushing or combing. Also, be gentle when styling, braiding, or shampooing hair. Dont massage the scalp too roughly, but use brisk circular motions to clean it and increase blood circulation.

Managing Hair

Managing curly hair is not as difficult as some women believe it to be. You just need the right styling products and techniques. Keranique fortifying mousse, for example, has the right amino acids that moisturize hair and make it appear shinier. The mousse is considered a blessing by many women, who use it to make their hair more manageable. Curly and frizzy hair in particular, becomes easier to manage when you use this product.

Your hair is an asset that needs proper care and maintenance. Curls lend a unique charm to the face, and therefore, should be worn with pride.
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