Projects to Make From Recycled Sweaters

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    Winter Wear

    • The obvious choice for using recycled sweaters is other winter items that are traditionally made of the same materials, such as scarves, mittens and hats. By utilizing the sleeves and ribbing from one sweater, you can make a complete matching set of winter wear. Use the main sleeve panels to create a scarf, while turning the cuffs and lower sleeve into mittens and the ribbing at the neck or waist into a matching hat.

    Blankets and Pillows

    • Making patchwork blankets and pillows is a fantastic way to use recycled sweaters, especially when creating them for a child's room. Where an adult will wear the same sweater for more than one season, children grow out of and often stain sweaters every season. Make a patchwork blanket and matching pillow made from squares cut from your child's old sweaters as a way to keep sentimental articles of clothing, such as a child's first holiday sweater.

    Home Decor

    • There are numerous ways to use recycled sweaters for decorating your home. One way to reduce the size of a decorating budget is to use the main panels of old sweaters to recover the seats of dining chairs rather than buying expensive upholstery fabric. You can also use strips taken from wool sweaters to make either a braided or woven throw rug. This is especially green because you can make use of scraps left over from other recycled sweater projects.

    Bags and Purses

    • Among the easiest recycled sweater projects, bags and purses make for quick and fashionable projects. Create a tote bag by using the main front and back panels of the sweater with a strap made from the ribbing at the waist. Also, a sweater made with buttoned front pockets can be used to make a purse with an outer pocket for holding a cell phone or keys.

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