How to Edit an FSX Checklist

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    • 1). Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the Microsoft Flight Simulator directory. If you didn't choose an alternate directory when you installed the game, this will be located in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X".

    • 2). Double-click the "SimObjects" directory, and open the "Airplanes" directory within it. Find and open the folder associated with the aircraft whose checklist you wish to edit; in general, this should be the aircraft's full name, with spaces replaced by the underscore character; for example, the Airbus A321 is stored in the "Airbus_A321" directory.

    • 3). Right-click on the file ending in "_check.htm"; for the Airbus A321, this is called "AirbusA321_check.htm" but for your aircraft the name will be different. If you have file extensions turned off in Windows, you will just see the aircraft's name, followed by "_check." Click "Open with," and then click "Notepad."

    • 4). Make any changes you need to the aircraft's checklist by typing directly in the Notepad window. FSX checklists are just HTML files, so you can cut and paste similar lines to preserve the same formatting. To enter a line break in the checklist file, type "<br />"; to create bold text, write it between "<b>" and "</b>" (for example, in a checklist file "<b>this text would be bolded</b>").

    • 5). Press "Control" and "S" simultaneously to save the checklist file, and then close Notepad. The next time you start FSX, the checklist file will reflect the changes you made to it.

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