Pacemaster Treadmill Review - Silver Select XP

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One of the unsung heroes of home fitness, Pacemaster offers a number of high-quality treadmills that fit different needs and budgets.
Part of the Premiere Series and one level up from the low-end Bronze model, the Silver Select XP gives Pacemaster customers a taste for the premium at a price they can afford.
With the Silver Select XP, you get a three horsepower motor that can take you at speeds from .
5 miles per hour to a whopping eleven.
The .
1 increment increases allow you to maintain control over how fast you move making sure that you don't overdo it, but still possessing enough sensitivity for you to kick things up several notches if you so desire.
No matter how hard you push it, your Silver Select XP orthopedic belt is meant to go 10,000 miles before ever needing to be replaced, which gives you more than your money's worth, even when keeping an ultra-active lifestyle.
Pacemaster promises an experience akin to walking (or running) on air, and it definitely delivers over what you will experience on rougher natural terrains.
Elevation is another key factor in the success of this equipment, as the Silver Select XP challenges you to push yourself as hard as you possibly can.
With an adjustability of 0-15% (in .
5% increments), you control the action.
Whether you want to take things fast and straight or build leg muscle with a challenging incline, you have all the tools necessary to get you in to top shape.
Last but not least, the Silver Select XP gives you seven pre-programmed workouts that challenge your conditioning and stamina.
You, of course, have full control over time, speed, and intensity, but completing these workouts gives you all the advantage in improving your fitness.
You don't have to pay more for quality.
The Pacemaster Silver Select XP is living proof.
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