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Shakespeare once said "Our bodies are our gardens, to which our will are gardeners".
The verb "will" refers to the ability to control your actions in order to achieve what you want to do according to the oxford dictionary.
Gardens are beautiful when tended with care, same way as our bodies will be when properly cared for.
To cultivate a desired body weight and do away with excess, one has to adequately plan meals.
Meal planning is the process of designing balanced diets in which all the essential nutrients are present in right proportion.
A well-planned meal should meet the nutritional needs of a given individual, promote health and reduce calorie intake and a meal chart for planning meals can make this work.
Weight loss involves discipline.
Chips, nuts or dried fruits are always tempting so watch your potion sizes.
When eating snakes, pick snakes that are low in calories and fat, but are high in fiber e.
nuts, fruit, baby carrots, cherry, tomatoes est.
Vegetable generally are low in calories but are high in fiber, flavor and nutrition expect potatoes.
Fruits also make a great snack because it contains more soluble fiber than vegetables.
Dried fruit and fruit juices are to be avoided while water is to be taken in large quantities.
The food we eat contains various nourishing elements, each element contributes to the health of the individual same way as manure and water contributes to the growth of a garden.
What you eat reflects who you are, so watch it.
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