Strategy and objectives of human resource

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strategy and objectives of human resource

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is basically managing people in the organization,training upgrading

grievance handling to reach the summit or the highest goal of the organization

In tune with  the objectives of the organization.

Human Resource managment is nothing but a personnel management in a sense getting the works done

by the people and at the same time managing and upgrading the people

keeping in mind the objectives of the company.

Now a days each and every industry ,service sector whatever may be,

thinks it very use full to establish a special division to provide an expert

Service dedicated to ensure maximum productivity through efficient the functioning of

Human resource. The main resource is people or the work force,but the are not only employee

They are the valuable contributors of the of the organization,its better to regard them

as assets of the organization,but so far the experiences are concerned they are not rated

Correctly or rated very poorly.

In maximum organization


Remain under valued

Under trained -or very poorly trained

Under utilized-

Badly motivated- or very low level of motivation

And as a result exposure of performance is much below

their true capability.

The business strategy must keep pace with the global changes taking place much faster than the past in the sphere of HRM IT,service sector as well as in the society as a whole

So with a view to materialize the successful business strategy,we have to manages the changes and absorb.Planing of man power is an important element of business strategy,in a sense putting right people in right place to properly deliver business strategy.

If we fail to craft business strategy carefully finally it will lead to failure in business process it self.

Talent management is another important element of business strategy.

According to peter drucker industrial economy has shifted to knowledge economy industry

As because manual workers are gradually disappearing from the world scenario .

Knowledge workers are the forrunners of industrial civilization. So it is necessary to

regard the work force as knowledge force and upgrading the knowledge content to a

highest level in tune with the objective of the company.

Developing the talent of the executives is an urgent necessary work to remain competitive,

So competency developing progamme must be seriously viewed by the HRM department.

Following steps are very important as well as for individual and for the organization too for

a sustained productive growth.

1 proper manpower planing

2 training and development of knowledge workers

3 transform the manager in to a leader

4 transfer the data in to information

5 View the work force as knowledge force

6 competency development program

7 creating human resource leaders team

7 corporate meditation
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