Muscovite Uses

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    Early Window Glass

    Furnaces and Heaters

    • Muscovite resists heat.flame image by Larry from

      In spite of the translucent quality of muscovite, it was also discovered that, when it was cut into sheets, it cleaved well (stayed in a solid sheet), and was resistant to heat. With this attribute, it made sense to use it as a blast window for older styles of furnaces and ovens. Whatever was inside of an oven could often be seen and the heat stayed within. Newer technologies have since replaced muscovite as furnace window glass.

    Circuit Boards

    • Mica boards are still around.circuit board image by mite from

      As humans finally broke into the technology era, muscovite once again was used to step up to the next level of ability as a component of circuit boards. Being a silicate, and a monoclinic crystal structure, it made an obvious choice for early computer technicians and designers.

      These types of circuit boards are often referred to as "mica boards," and are still available worldwide.

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