Learn How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying on an Airplane

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The fear of flying is a very common fear, yet it is also a very treatable condition.
Flying Fears may be caused by a bad experience the person had on previous flight, like hitting severe turbulence while flying or maybe their was an abnormal operation like engine failure or an emergency landing.
But, most commonly, what people who fear flying are afraid of is the way they feel when they have extreme anxiety or a panic attack.
They fear the feeling of fear.
So, we need the remember that fear is a normal and healthy reaction to something that threatens us.
It has been around since caveman times.
It is a survival mechanism that protects us and keeps us alive.
Fear is a GOOD thing.
However, anxiety on the other hand is the fear of what MIGHT happen, not of what REALLY is happening.
Anxiety caused by the fear of flying can be much more problematic and even destructive.
When caveman roamed the earth, fear and even a certain degree of anxiety was normal and very beneficial.
Nowadays, and especially while flying, there is rarely anything to be legitimately afraid of or to feel threatened by.
Most of the world today is a very safe place and flying on a commercial plane is one of the safest places to be.
Unfortunately, our mind still holds onto that outdated "fear survival reaction" that humans have had with them since the dawn of man.
Great, So How Do I Overcome my Fear of Flying? When you first start to experience anxiety while flying, you need to ask yourself if you are afraid of what IS happening or what MAY happen.
What most people find is that what truly is bothering them on the plane most likely isn't reality, they are merely the thoughts and feelings you have created in your mind.
This is where you need to mentally sit yourself down, get yourself back into reality and realize that you are perfectly safe and secure on board the airplane.
Deep breathing has been known to help, as well as progressive muscle relaxation, both of these skills can easily be learned to help you overcome your fear of flying.
For people that have a mild fear of flying, this may be all you need to help you feel relaxed when you fly.
For people with concerns about the airplane actually crashing, you may find relief by learning about flying and the aviation industry in the free report available from the Fear Flying website.
It explains in great detail how airplanes fly, how safe they are and why you should feel 100% confident putting your trust with the Pilot and flight crew.
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