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You've decided to purchase a Bowflex Ultimate® 2 home gym. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers concerning your purchase.

How do I choose the Bowflex® machine that is right for me? There is a Bowflex® machine that will fit your exact needs and meet your fitness goals. Since they come in several configurations and models, there is one that will be perfect for you. The Bowflex Ultimate® 2 features the latest in the top-of-the-line construction, design, and engineering. The Ultimate® 2 offers over 95 exercises, which is more than any other Bowflex® home gym.

How big is the machine and how easy is it to move around? The folded footprint for the Bowflex Ultimate® 2 is 44" x 46". The dimensions of the machine run 3' 10" x 7' 8". The height of the machine is 6' 10". The workout area needed is only 6' 6" x 9' 4". This model also features wheels on the back so you can conveniently roll it wherever you need it to go.

How do the Power Rod® units work? Do they offer real resistance? The Bowflex® Power Rod® System is a unique system and guarantees resistance from the start to finish of each exercise. Power Rods feel similar to dumbbells or free weights, but the difference is that they are progressive. This means that the more you flex the rods, the more weight you displace as you exercise. Power Rod® technology is the key to the effectiveness of the Bowflex® system.

What accessories come with my machine? The accessories for many of the Bowflex® home gyms include foot harnesses for aerobic rowing, workout manuals and leg press belts.

How long does it take to put my machine together? Using the detailed instruction manual that will accompany your machine, plan on approximately 1 to 3 hours.

How do I contact Bowflex®? There are three ways to reach our company: Send an e-mail to if you have e-mail available. Call the company toll free at 1-800-216-9028. Or, snail mail still works by submitting a written request to: Nautilus Fitness Canada, Inc., 925 Keewatin Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2X 2X4, Canada.

What are my payment options? Bowflex® has their own credit card, or you can use American Express, Visa, MasterCard or mail a check.
What type of warranty do I get with my purchase? Bowflex® machines are automatically warranted to the person who purchases the machine. The home gyms have limited warranties that cover all defects in material or workmanship. Commercial use or misuse is not covered.
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