How Can Blackout Window Film Benefit You?

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If you're looking for a simple solution to a problem concerning privacy or heating and cooling costs, perhaps you should consider blackout window film.
Blackout window film provides privacy during both daytime and nighttime hours and can offer more benefits than you originally thought of.
Perhaps you work at night and sleep during the day.
Or maybe you just prefer to sleep in complete darkness rather than having a cheery beam of sunshine scorch your eyelids every morning.
Whatever the case, blackout film can offer a 99% reduction of incoming light, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, and repels 41% of heat on those simmering Summer days.
Not only will this allow you to sleep better but it will reduce the Sun's glare to nothing, thus helping in viewing television and computer screens.
We all know now-a-days that UV rays are harmful to our eyes and skin, but did you know that UV rays can fade furniture and paintings? These are valuable possessions and should be considered when putting them in a room bathed in considerable sunlight.
Blackout window film will remove these UV rays and protect your eyes, skin, and valuables when you're relaxing at home.
Perhaps the most sought after benefit of blackout film is the added privacy it offers.
If you have a window in your home or office that you feel less than comfortable living life behind, consider adding the blackout window film and removing any doubt that someone will be able to watch you from the outside.
This type of film will repel all sorts of on-lookers and even foil the guy with his nose pressed against the glass! One last benefit of blackout film is it's ability to hold broken glass together.
If your window were to shatter the film would hold the broken glass in place until you could clean the situation up.
Undoubtedly this makes for a much safer environment even when something goes wrong.
One important note to consider before purchasing blackout window film is that it is not recommended for use on dual-pane windows.
Dual-pane windows use a seal that can be destroyed by too much heat, and blackout film will absorb and retain a lot of heat.
If you do have dual-pane windows and would still like to block visibility without overheating your window try whiteout window film.
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