Drinking Water - Are You Getting Enough in You?

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We don't think much about ordinary drinking water, but some studies indicate that many individuals are marginally to severely dehydrated.
The human body is approximately 70% water so even a small deviation in this amount may have health repercussions.
Water is needed in every body function and its levels affect the smooth operating of all organs.
The liver, kidneys, bladder and bowel all depend on abundant supply of pure water to function properly.
Water is also responsible for the levels of blood supply that courses through our veins and arteries.
This blood supply, made up of red and white blood cells suspended in a solution called plasma is mainly comprised of water.
Another vital organ that requires a constant supply of nutrients, oxygen and blood is the brain.
Lack of water in the body may result in headaches, the slow degeneration of system functions and decrease in mental alertness.
Bodily functions such as digestion, respiration and elimination also need significant amount of water to operate at optimum capacity.
And lets not forget the largest organ of the human body, the skin.
Without constant hydration the skin would become dry and age prematurely.
Health professionals indicate that a lack of water in the system can contribute to conditions such as poor functioning of the digestion tract, muscle and joint pain, stiffness and constipation, to name a few common problems.
Adequate hydration can promote better health, and in turn longevity.
The amount of liquid consumed varies with individual body weight, but a rule of thumb is 3-4 cups of liquid for every 50 pounds of body weight per day.
Liquids can include herbal tea, juice, soups and of course water.
Consume the best quality water you can obtain and store it in good quality plastic or glass containers, your health and wellness will be improved.
So, to your good health! Drink water.
At no time is this article intended to be a medical opinion or a treatment for any health condition.
Contact your physician if you have any health issues.
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