Bird Watching in Nairobi - An Extraordinary Stint for Birdies in Kenya

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Bird watching is a great way to explore the rich wildlife scene of Nairobi, Kenya. The city is thriving with different sites like Nairobi Museum and Splash Grasslands where it is easy to spot winged creatures taking flights.

One of the most exciting activities that holidaymakers choose to make their Nairobi Holidays memorable is Bird Watching. Every year, hordes of nature devotees book air tickets aboard flights to Nairobi to take in the pleasure of looking at birds of all kinds. This is an exclusive pursuit for every visitor staying in Nairobi, as the activity promises to provide an impressive sight both during the early morning hours and late evening. Being a huge nation with varied topography, the destination offers perfect milieu for breeding of different species of birds. Here's a quick rundown of the top most bird watching sites in Nairobi that make air tickets to the capital city of Kenya much popular with the green thumbs.

Nairobi National Museum

The best way to kick start your bird watching tour is to visit the very popular Nairobi Museum, a natural habitat for different species of birds. The park is home to a diverse avifauna with a diverse checklist of over 500 bird species. Holidaymakers buying flights tickets to the city can witness some of the most unique species of birds which are surely difficult to find in any other part of the world. The park houses one of the eight species of Kenya Mountains Endemic Bird Area, 25 species of the 67 African Highlands biome and 27 species of the 94 Somali - Masai biome which can only be seen in this region of the globe. Moreover, a substantial area of serene grassland in the park is just reserved for different species of Jackson's Widowbird that starts breeding after rainy season. Visitors can even easily spot the regionally threatened species of birds that include Hieraaetus ayresii, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis, Stephanoaetus coronatus, Polemaetus bellicosus, Anhinga rufa and many more. The government authorities organize regular bird watching tours for locals and visitors that not only cover the bird watching sites but also include the wildlife sanctuary with-in the territory.

Splash Grasslands

Yet another popular destination which is quite famous amongst international visitors netting tickets on flights arriving in Nairobi for bird watching is Splash Grasslands. This is basically a small resort which nests on the back side of much celebrated Nairobi National Park. Visitors can spot some new birds in the region which are very hard to locate in other parts of the world. One can easily have a perfect view of Bee-eaters, Klaas' Cuckoo, Superb and Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starlings, African Grey Flycatcher, Saddle-billed Stork and Yellow Warbler. The grasslands here are very interesting and relatively safe for bird watching till late evening hours. Keen birdwatchers may even encounter sunbirds.
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