How to Load Music on an iPAQ 4150

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    • 1). Tap the "Bluetooth" icon from the "Today" screen.

    • 2). Tap "Bluetooth Settings."

    • 3). Tap "Turn on."

    • 4). Tap "Back."

    • 5). Tap "Accessibility" under the "Bluetooth Settings."

    • 6). Tap "Other devices can discover me."

    • 7). Tap "OK."

    • 8). Locate the music file, which you want to transfer to your HP iPAQ. If there are multiple files, use the mouse cursor to select them all. Press right mouse button and select "Send" > "Via Bluetooth." Now your computer will search for Bluetooth devices in the area, and will show iPAQ H4150 in the list. Select this device.

    • 9). Enter a passkey to create a secure connection, for instance "1234." Enter this passcode on the phone as well when prompted.

    • 10

      Wait for the file to finish transferring, after which you will be prompted to specify a destination folder. You can choose "Sounds" folder.

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