Options to Get Your Diabetes Medical Supply

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If you have diabetes, you may be wondering what is the best way to get your medical supplies.
Your options depend on your type or lack of insurance and personal preferences.
If you have Medicare and a supplemental insurance policy, you can get your insulin at any regular or insurance mail order pharmacy.
You can order your supplies for a diabetes supply company or get them at your local pharmacy.
It is actually easier and often FREE to get them through the supply companies though.
These companies know how to give you the best advantage of your Medicare benefits.
They will check your Medicare, Medicaid and/or insurance eligibility for you.
If you need a prescription, they will get physician authorization and keep them current.
They deliver the supplies to your home, usually via UPS or Priority Mail.
The companies also track all shipments to make sure that what you need arrives on time and on a regular schedule if you choose.
There are usually options for "subscription" type deliveries or the company will contact you to remind you of renewals.
These companies also do all the paperwork and bill Medicare and/or your insurance company.
It will usually cost you nothing if you have Medicare and supplemental insurance.
If you have no insurance your options are not quite as easy as deciding which company or where to get your supplies.
You can try contacting your local board of health to see if they have any programs.
Some doctors have samples in their offices to give away and they often have coupons for discounted or free supplies.
It certainly cannot hurt to ask.
Some hospitals run support groups for diabetics and offer coupons etc.
for discounts on supplies.
These groups are also a good place to network.
Some other things associated with your diagnosis of diabetes are also available and covered by Medicare.
You can get orthotic shoes, podiatry visits, special eye exams for glaucoma and retinal problems, along with insulin pumps, inhaled insulin devices certain specialized blood tests.
Do some through research no matter which way you decide to get your diabetic supplies.
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