Causes and Treatments of Hemorrhoids

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Since the veins can either be inside or outside the anus, it then follows that hemorrhoids are also either internal or external.
Internal hemorrhoids are usually not as painful.
This is due to the fact that there are very few nerve endings inside the canal, but they can get irritated during bowel movement and bleed.
Thus some blood will be visible in the stool or toilet bowl; for someone suffering from internal hemorrhoids this may be the only sign he/she sees.
External hemorrhoids on the other hand are a lump of swollen veins outside the anal canal.
Due to the numerous nerve endings in this region, these hemorrhoids are usually painful.
At times the blood may clot leading to case called thromboses hemorrhoids.
Causes of Hemorrhoids The single most mentioned reason is diet.
It is of paramount importance to have fiber in ones diet frequently.
Eating a lot of processed food that will lack in roughages is highly discouraged.
Vegetables and some fruits offer a good amount of roughages and should feature prominently in ones diet.
Therefore one key issue on how to prevent hemorrhoids is to eat a healthy and balanced diet.
Expectant women also suffer from this problem; the foetus does put pressure on the hemorrhoid veins.
Reading while using the toilet has also been shown to inflame the problem, when using the toilet bowl one should attempt to get a comfortable position or posture.
As one gets older, he /she will be more prone to bouts of hemorrhoid.
There are also people who are genetically more predisposed to suffer from this problem.
If one has had a serious bout of diarrhea that lasted for a while, the veins tend to get more sensitive and irritated and thus any slight push by some hard stool will automatically lead to a hemorrhoid flare up.
Sitting or standing for too long especially for those who work in either position should be avoided.
Get small breaks there in between to either stand a bit if your job involves sitting a lot; or get some time to sit down for a few minutes if you stand a lot.
These actions will reduce the pressure on the hemorrhoid veins.
One is also advised to drink a lot of water, exercise and keep an active lifestyle; changing the normal bowel routine will go a long way in helping reduce cases of hemorrhoids.
It is usually suggested that one should have a specific time to visit the toilet rather than waiting for nature to call.
In most instances behavioural changes will reduce the instances of hemorrhoid attacks but for some, more drastic or medicinal treatment will be necessary.
Currently there are numerous temporary relief options, Tried and tested Herbal treatments or surgical procedures that can be done on a patient to solve the problem.
Failure to have the problem sorted may lead to complications that may make bowel movement painful.
Anyone suffering from hemorrhoids need not feel ashamed or embarrassed about the situation.
It is a manageable health issue that can be solved provided one is diagnosed early enough and seeks appropriate medical attention.
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