How to Port Your Telus or Rogers Cellular Number to Bell

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Whether personal or business, changing your phone number is a real hassle. Just the idea of getting in contact with your friends, family, and business associates is enough to keep you with your current carrier even if you'd like to change. So when the ability to keep your existing cellular phone number yet change carriers became an option in Canada it was met with excitement.

Rogers, Fido, TELUS, and Bell Mobility have all implemented Local Number Portability in most areas across Canada. It is very easy to switch from one carrier to another. For example, if you currently use Rogers you can keep your current cellular number and move it over to the Bell network.

Let's look at the process to port your cellular number to Bell Mobility.

1. Call Bell Mobility's customer service at 1-800-667-0123
2. A Bell representative will check to make sure your number is eligible to be transferred.
3. Once the ability to transfer is confirmed you will need to choose a plan that meets your needs.
4. Since each network has their own line of phones that work only on their network, you will need to choose a new handset. This is where Cellarama's line-up of inexpensive and contract-free Bell Mobility cell phones comes in very handy, you can easily pickup a phone that you can use for your porting process. With a contract-free phone from you will not need to sign a long-term contract when you join Bell.
5. Next the Bell representative will complete a request to transfer your cell phone number from the carrier you are currently with.
6. This initiates the process to transfer your phone number.
7. Once the transfer is complete Bell Mobility will let you know that you have full services according to the plan you chose.
8. Your original carrier will deactivate your number on their network.

If you are in a contract with your existing provider and it is not up for renewal, you will face a penalty for early cancellation. You'll need to speak with your cellular provider to find out how much that will be.

Don't make the mistake of cancelling your contract first and then trying to transfer the number. Many times the network will tell you the number is no longer available, even if it is within minutes of cancelling your contracts. Instead first do the transfer and then cancel your plan.

Not all numbers can be ported. There are some restrictions that can prevent you from transferring your number to another carrier. For example, the number may be in an area where porting is not available.

Porting your TELUS or Rogers cell phone number to Bell Mobility can be an easy process and if you follow the steps in the guide, you won't miss a beat. Best of all no one will even know you changed companies since your number remains the same.
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