How to Cement a Stained Glass Window

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    • 1). Spread out newspaper to cover your entire work surface.

    • 2). Lay your stained glass window flat on the newspaper.

    • 3). Spread putty under the edges of the lead came using gloved fingers or a putty knife or fid.

    • 4). Brush into the edge of the lead came with a nylon bristle brush to push the putty firmly under all the edges of the lead came. Clean the brush as much as possible once this is done.

    • 5). Put on a dust mask and sprinkle whiting powder over the entire surface of the stained glass window.

    • 6). Scrub the whiting powder over the entire window, making circular motions with the nylon bristle brush. Make sure to scrub off any putty stuck on the surface of the lead, because it's very hard to remove it from the lead came once it dries.

    • 7). Run a nail or toothpick along all the edges of the lead came to remove any putty that's sticking out.

    • 8). Remove the whiting powder and little pieces of putty that you picked off the edges, using a vacuum hose or dust brush.

    • 9). Let the panel dry for 24 hours.

    • 10

      Repeat steps 1 through 9 on the opposite side of the stained glass window.

    • 11

      Pick off any putty still sticking out from the edges of the lead came, using the nail or toothpick, and vacuum or dust it from the surface.

    • 12

      Brush both sides of the stained glass window with a natural bristle brush to polish it to a shine.

    • 13

      Clean the panel and apply a layer of finishing compound or carnauba wax to help protect and polish the surface.

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