Reading Emails behind the Wheel

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Nearly 50% of business men admit to catching up on their emails while they are driving. This is an alarming fact that exposes the dangers of distracted driving in no uncertain terms.
In fact, catching up on emails while driving is one of the greatest of public menaces we are facing today, perhaps greater than drunken driving also. Picture this- you are late for work, catch a bite on the way to the car and then decide to catch up on your email. Before you know it, your eyes are off the road, your fingers off the steering and you are a menace to everybody round you. Sound familiar?
Recent reports and incidents have exposed the danger people put themselves to when they are distracted by emails and messages when they are on the road. In fact, texting while driving and dealing with emails on the phone, are the most common reasons behind most of the car crashes we see today. If you are thinking that this happens to other people and not to an experienced person like you, here's an eye opener-92% of drivers who had an accident while they were busy at their mobiles believed the same thing themselves!
Take a logical look at the facts. When you are reading your emails while you are driving, you are in a dangerous driving mode. Your eyes are off the road and you fingers are no longer in total control of the steering. A second of this can lead to an accident that injures you fatally, or worse still, someone else.
Would you believe that 37% of the people who were texting while driving admitted that the action is 'extremely distracting?' yet, people continue to ignore safe driving practices and text while driving.
In fact, driving while reading your emails is more dangerous compared to drunken driving. It can cost lives and run you up against the law. The practice is all the more foolish because there is such an easy way out of it.
Instead of reading emails on your phone, make it a hands free experience. allows you to listen to your emails and respond to them in a preset manner. You can listen to text messages and let your caller know that you are busy and will call back in a few minutes without even glancing at your phone. Install this simple application and you practically do away with all the danger associated with texting while driving. You will be able to access your emails regularly and drive safely at the same time. You do not need loads of software or other tools to download this mobile application.
Remember, your business is important, but not more so than your life. Next time you are thinking about looking at that mail on your hands free phone, think again.

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