Use The Neglected Weapons In Your Marketing Arsenal

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Business marketers have a lot of weapons in their arsenals but they often overlook some very important ones.
So, let's do a quick inventory.
Of course, you already have a company name, a positioning statement, logo, stationery, business cards and a website.
Right? The next thing I suggest is an employee survey.
Ask them about what's happening where the company meets the customer.
Find out how employees feel about the company.
A recent survey shows that employee attitudes have a huge impact upon a company's bottom line.
Motivated employees provide great service, and great service can separate you from your competitors.
Next, develop a customer retention program.
It costs five times more to develop a new customer as it does to keep an old one.
E-newsletters are an essential part of my customer retention program and should be a part of yours too.
Finally, here is a random list of other items that can be considered part of your marketing arsenal.
your reputation advertising consultations, demonstrations, seminars, samples community involvement, cause marketing, philanthropy media contacts, bylined articles, op-ed pieces guest speaking program great working environment employee training & development program networking, referrals contests customer surveys special events If your time for marketing related tasks is limited, take some advice from my marketing mentor: pick three things from above and do them right.
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