How to Design Aprons

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There are kids who love to cook with their parents. If you noticed that your child loves to cook, then it is best to make an apron that he can use. Making your kids apron can be both fun and enjoyable for you and your child. With your creativity and effort, you two can come up with a great apron that he would surely love to wear when he is working in the kitchen. This article will give you ideas on what are the things you can use in decorating an apron for your child.

One way to decorate your child's apron is through fabric marker. Fabric markers are easy to use for you simply use them like using a regular marker. This marker comes in many colors and you can make the apron as colorful as you want. You can also allow your child to scribble or draw to make his artwork. Just remember that when using these stuff, put newspaper underneath the fabric  to avoid accidents on it.

Puff paint can also be used in decorating your kid's apron. It is like an ordinary paint but it puffs out when ironed. Like the paint markers, it also comes in many colors. You can make a 3D artwork on the apron with puff paint. You do not have to worry about washing since it sticks to the fabric well even after it has been washed.

For clearer designs, you can use iron-on-appliqués. Simply ask your child what type of appliqué he would like to use. You can use appliqués that cover his interests like cars or basketball. For your daughter, if she likes ballet, then you can use an appliqué with ballet shoes design or you can use her favorite cartoon character. When you iron the appliqué to the fabric, make sure that you iron it fully and pay attention to the edges so that it will not get ruined when washed.

Crystals can also look good on the apron. It can be bought individually or in pattern. You can iron them onto the fabric while forming the name of your child or phrases to describe him. Follow the instructions in the package so that they'll not fall off when washed.

Designing using fabric paint and rubber stamp can also be a great idea. Simply place small amount of fabric paint on a disposable tray and dip the stamp on it and press it at the front side of the apron carefully. You can play with the colors and stamp the designs in series to form a scene on the apron. Let it dry and then place it inside the washing machine.

These are the creative ways on how you and your child can design his apron. With your creativity you can have a beautiful apron without spending a lot of money.
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