How to Have a Great Marriage

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    • 1). Take divorce off of the table. Sit down as a couple and make a formal agreement that divorce is out of the question and you'll both do whatever it takes to make your marriage work. Such an agreement, when abided by, can prevent things that lead to divorce, like adultery or abuse.

    • 2). Discuss how you'll handle the stressful things in life as partners. Determine how you'll handle finances and conflict resolution before they become issues. A formal plan will help you know what to do to work through stressful situations.

    • 3). Be honest with your partner. Don't hide things or keep secrets. Such behavior sabotages trust and makes it difficult to have a good and happy marriage. Always be honest, regardless of how difficult or challenging that conversation may be.

    • 4). Make a conscious effort to be kind and generous to your partner. Leave love notes or do things that you know make your spouse feel happy and loved.

    • 5). Take time to be a married couple. Make a date night once a week or once a month and make that time together a priority. Go out to eat, go see a play or just go sit on the beach and catch up with each other. Hold hands and reconnect.

    • 6). Remember that sex is important. Sex makes married couples feel closer to each other and promotes loving and happy feelings. Even if you're not always in the mood, engage in regular sex to keep your marriage strong.

    • 7). Support each other's hopes and dreams. It's often difficult to share our dreams with others; so when your spouse shares a lifelong dream, do whatever you can to help your partner achieve it.

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