Learn to Give a Woman the Best Female Orgasm - There Are 3 Types of Orgasm, One Will Blow Her Mind

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Most men still need to learn to give a woman the best female orgasm, and put an end to the 'going through the motions' that many women do.
Statistics point to a staggering percentage of men who are not pleasing their women as they should be doing.
There are simple but important lessons to be learned by men.
They should swallow their pride and learn that women are capable of having 3 types of orgasms and it is their responsibility to make sure they enjoy all 3 kinds.
It is hardly productive if the men cannot complete the job and the women must finish it on their own.
It would not be tolerated on a construction job to leave a project unfinished, why should it be acceptable in the bedroom? Learning how to please your partner should be of paramount importance during the act of love.
Women want their men to know which spots drive them to ecstasy.
Once this area is known to the men they must make sure they play the areas like they were playing an expensive and valuable musical instrument.
Only then will the women be content.
After all what good is having sex if both parties are not satisfied? It is more difficult for the women because they need a well-informed lover who knows how to stroke the right spots with perfection.
It is time the best female orgasm can be generated on a regular basis by caring men.
Is that too much to ask?
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