Happy People Make Happier Couples

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Some think that being married will make them happy, some think the partner will make them happy.
This is not the case, someone else can't "complete you.
" This is what people want and it was a good scene in the movie "Jerry Maguire.
" It definitely tugged at our heart strings but it's not a good reality for a relationship.
Do you really want or need someone else to complete you? I don't think so, this is not the best balance in a relationship.
A successful relationship will be two people who've become mature on their own and then become a twosome, each contributing equally.
A good stable, healthy relationship begins with stable, healthy individuals; two people who enjoy being together, maybe perhaps even all the time, but not because they are afraid to be alone.
Not because they can't go on without the other person, and certainly not because they are making each other a whole person.
This is just not a recipe for success.
Gaining the attentions of a person who is not emotionally stable means you need to evaluate yourself.
You have to find the things which make you happy by yourself not with someone else.
As your life evolves to a place where you are happy with what is going on then the right person will show up.
Remember it is not about finding the perfect person; it is about being the perfect person on your own.
Work at attaining true happiness and peace in your life, and the right person will be there with you.
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