Why Is My Laptop So Slow

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For reasons unknown, sometimes I just cannot figure out exactly why is my laptop so slow all of a sudden. The speed turns me off big time, and it happens oftentimes. But think again, if you believe you're the only dupe of a dawdling laptop. It didn't take me long enough to realize that technology isn't my oyster. I was gifted a laptop computer on my birthday, and needless to say, I was exhilarated. Incognizant of the bits and nuances that the processing of these intricate devices holds, I soaked up all the goodness of my laptop - I downloaded every file I loved, I jam-packed every hard-drive that existed in my laptop with countless files and folders, and not to forget, invited computer virus with arms wide open. I deteriorated the quality myself, and ended up marveling how in the hell and why, is my laptop so slow in its performance? You know, I may not be a professional technician dishing out necessary advice on a laptop running slow as a sloth. But I can tell you, if you don't stop flooding it with unnecessary files now, it wouldn't be too late for you to witness your darling notebook going to the dogs. Too rude? Let the following words explain my plight better.

Possibilities and Solutions to a Laptop Running Slow

Right now, you must be thinking of me as one of those most ignorant, and technology-repelling persons in the world. But believe me, an examination I carried out in figuring out exactly why does my laptop take so long to start up and shut down might just prove to be helpful to you. So, in the first place, I'd recommend you to browse through all the hard-drives of your laptop. Chances are, you've over-flooded your disk drives with applications, files, and folders, that consume space more than required. Think of it as a fat person - more the weight, lesser the speed to walk (forget running). Getting?

Secondly, have you been downloading stuff a lot these days? Many a time, you don't just download a file or an application, you download malware as well. Spyware, virus, adware, etc. affect your system, and slower the process. In order to combat it, get a doctor to treat your laptop. A good antivirus will do the tricks for you. It'll detect the virus, remove it, and free your system from illness with the help of efficient laptop computer repair methods.

You know, there's yet another solution to times when I'm struggling to understand why is my laptop slow and deadening. That lies in defragmentation of the system. It helps in organizing the scattered files and folders of your system, and arranges them in order, so that your laptop performs well again. If still, it doesn't work, you may wish to get your disk drives formatted. Remember, it deletes all the data stored, so you might as well make a data backup for your laptop's convenience. Another important factor that could reason out your laptop's slow performance is the Windows registry. You know, your device's registry is responsible for storing all the data of the operating system that you are using currently. If at all, it becomes over-loaded, and discovers that many files in your system are corrupt, you'll figure out why your laptop takes time to process. Hence, as a solution, you could clean the registry with a registry cleaning software, and eradicate all the errors in it, to maximize the computer performance and speed by ounces.

Times when I've given up on hunting all over hell for reasons for a slow laptop performance, I stop stacking it with more files, defrag it, or run a malware check. If nothing works, formatting a hard drive is, by far, the best option that I could understand. However, if nothing works for you, get some technical support from a professional, for it is he who will diagnose the illness, and treat your device. That, I think, can make up for the most perfect way to speed up your laptop computer.

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