How to Restore Bathtub Enamel

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    • 1). Remove the bathtub's drain cover and bathtub overflow cover, using the correct screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the covers in place.

    • 2). Run a utility knife across the seam between the bathtub and the tub's wall covering, slicing the caulking that fills the seam. Peel the caulking from the seam.

    • 3). Clean the bathtub with an all-purpose cleaner, using a scrubbing pad to remove any soap scum and other deposits. Let the bathtub dry completely before continuing.

    • 4). Scuff the old bathtub enamel with a medium-grit sanding pad. Rub the sanding pad over any rusty areas in the bathtub's basin. If the enamel has chips or gouges, use the sanding block to smooth the enamel's ridges.

    • 5). Clean the bathtub with a tack cloth, removing all of the enamel and rust dust.

    • 6). Stuff a rag into the bathtub drain hole.

    • 7). Cover the bathroom floor and walls with a plastic sheeting, using masking tape to hold the plastic in place.

    • 8). Smear an enamel bonding agent over the bathtub's old enamel, using a clean rag to apply the agent. Wait for the bonding agent to dry before continuing.

    • 9). Put on a dust mask and safety glasses.

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      Fill an electric spray gun's container with the bathtub enamel. An electric spray gun does not need an air compressor or air hoses.

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      Apply a thin coat of the enamel to the bathtub's surface, working the spray gun back and forth across the tub's surface with even strokes. Keep the spray gun moving at all times. Pausing the spray gun in one spot will cause enamel runs. If the enamel starts to run, wipe the excess enamel from the tub with a cloth immediately and reapply the enamel.

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      Let the bathtub enamel dry for 15 minutes. Spray the bathtub with a second coat of the enamel, using the same method used on the first coat. Wait 15 minutes and apply the bathtub enamel's finish coat, using the same technique used on the first two coats. Let the enamel dry completely, following the enamel manufacturer's dry-time recommendations.

    • 13

      Buff the bathtub enamel with a foam buffing pad, removing any imperfections in the bathtub enamel. Work the buffing pad in circular motions across the entire bathtub.

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