How to Sew Bed Quilts

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    • 1). Purchase fabric based on the specifications of your pattern. Patterns will typically suggest colors; however, you can choose your own colors that coordinate with your personal style. If you don't have a pattern yet, consult quilting books or magazines that you can borrow from a library or purchase from a sewing shop. You can even find free patterns on various sewing websites.

    • 2). Lay the first section of fabric flat onto your cutting mat. Measure and cut the fabric into strips and then cut your pieces with a rotary cutter and measuring stick as specified by your pattern. Pile similar pieces and colors together to help keep all of your fabric organized.

    • 3). Lay a row of pieces out according to your pattern. This will be the first row that you will sew. If you have triangularly-shaped pieces, sew triangles together to form squares before sewing to other pieces.

    • 4). Sew your pieces together on a sewing machine according to your pattern. Fold the printed sides of two pieces of fabric toward each other and sew the seam as close to the edge as possible.

    • 5). Continue sewing all your individual pieces together and then sew into long strips that will be the length or width of the quilt. Try to square corners as closely as possible so that edges line up. Pin the pieces to keep them from sliding apart while you sew on the machine.

    • 6). Pin and sew all the strips together. This is the top of your quilt.

    • 7). Pin the entire quilt front to batting (the fluffy center of a quilt that gives it warmth and depth) using sewing or large safety pins and place a bed sheet sized according to the size of your quilt on the bottom: baby, twin, double, queen or king.

    • 8). Sew all the layers together using the sewing machine. One of the easiest ways to machine quilt is to sew in between the individual pieces. Or, you may use a disappearing or washable ink pen to trace a pattern over sections of the quilt and then machine or hand quilt. Use a quilting frame, needle and thread to hand quilt.

    • 9). Trim the edge of the entire quilt once you are done quilting, leaving enough fabric on which to sew the quilt binding.

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      Fold the binding in half and fold over on top of the edge of one side of your quilt. Pin in place and sew. When you reach the end of one side, fold the binding cleanly over to the next side of the quilt to create a mitered corner. Pin if desired. Continue stitching until you have sewn the binding on the entire quilt.

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      Wash your quilt gently in a washing machine, especially if you used a washable ink pen to trace a pattern.

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