Natural Ways to Get Rid of Termites

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    Providing Food Sources

    • Fungus-growing termites may go after your plants and garden because they can not find enough dead plant material to feed on. To help control the termites, add a compost or manure to your soil to help feed the termites so they do not attack your garden or plants. You can also use mulch, such as hay or wood shavings, to help lure termites away from your living plants.

    Encouraging Predators

    • Termites have many natural predators such as ants, spiders, flies and wasps. Create areas that help these natural predators flourish by planting bushes and trees where these predators can live, without harming your garden or home.

    Disrupting Mounds

    • According to the HDRA, termites like to create their mound in a north-south direction. Planting a magnetic bar close to a mound can help throw off the balance of the mound. This will cause it to stay the same size and not grow any larger. In addition, break up the mounds periodically and remove the queen to disrupt the increase in the colony.

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