Cardo Scala Rider G4

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If you want to keep up with the Jones's, a motorcycle rider has to have the cardo scala rider g4. It does not get any better than this nifty motorcycle Bluetooth communication genie. It does anything you would want to do astraddle a motorcycle. It has a phone, FM radio, Ipod, MP3 player, GPS, and three or four way intercom. The cardo scala rider g4 has it all and is easy to use. It has a range of up to a mile. Even if you are one to wear a tight helmet this hands free unit has a wired microphone to fit right up into your helmet. Tight helmet or no helmet, the cardo scala rider g4 is a comfortable headset to wear.

The first time I got a glimpse of the cardo scala rider g4 was online at when I was surfing around the web drooling over motorcycle accessories. The Helmet Center has retail stores in Phoenix, Arizona and their online web site looked like motorcycle heaven. They have specials and free shipping offers on top of their already great deals. On the cardo scala rider g4, you can have a four-way intercom for two riders and two passengers or three-way intercom between three riders. There is no problem staying connected.

It is a secure feeling to know you have contact at anytime you need it with the cardo scala rider g4. Safety is not usually something you connect with headsets, but it gives protection nonetheless. If you are listening to music or intercom it is not necessary to disconnect from them to get incoming calls or GPS instructions.

All these futuristic communication capabilities of the cardo scala rider g4 are encased in a durable, rugged case yet the body is sleek and attractive. The battery it comes equipped with is excellent at holding a charge for up to several days. The cardo scala rider g4 has great volume with a clarity that makes it amazingly clear to hear. Since the unit is hands free there is nothing to distract from the road you need to be watching.
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