Persians and Orientals - Fine Rug Cleaning

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Did someone just spill orange juice on your favorite rug? Wondering how to clean the area rug your grandmother gave to you as an heirloom without destroying its delicate material? Need rug cleaning tips for your fine Persians and Orientals? My mother loves Persian rugs.
When I was small, I used to sit in the middle of the huge Persian rug in our living room and imagine that it was a magic carpet, floating over the most exotic places on earth.
When I moved out of our family home, my mother presented me with one of her rugs, an heirloom she demanded that I take care of and pass on to my own children in the future.
I appreciated her gift, but it gave me one big problem: it was rather dusty and in need of a good cleaning.
However, because it was antique and rather frayed at the edges already, I was afraid to clean it by myself.
As a rule, when it comes to fine rug cleaning, it is best to ask for professional help.
There are facilities out there that specialize in cleaning Persian and Oriental rugs.
They will wash, rinse and dry the rugs for you with the utmost care.
I brought mine to the rug cleaner down the street from where I live.
They returned the rug to me looking (and smelling!) immaculate.
They even stitched up the frayed edges for me.
Plus, the colors of my Persian rug are now as vivid as they were when I was a child! My Persian rug is now the most popular conversation piece in my home.
My friends love it.
And me? With proper rug cleaning, I know I'll be able to keep my promise to my mother.
One day, far into the future, I'll be able pass my "magic carpet" on for posterity to enjoy.
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