About Citizen Watches

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    • Citizen was established in Japan in 1924. The company developed a long line of durable, practical and modestly priced wristwatches. In 1956, Citizen developed an early shock-resistant watch. Citizen is best known today for the Eco-Drive system that uses solar power to recharge their watches' batteries. In addition to its dive watches, the company produces ultra-thin dress watches, like the 4.4 mm-thick solar-powered Stiletto model.


    • Most modern watches use a quartz battery to power an electronic movement or feature an automatic mechanical movement. Movements are the mechanism that power the watch. Although Citizen produces these types of watches, it also manufactures the Eco-Drive. The Eco-Drive has tiny solar panels embedded in the dial or watch face, which absorb solar rays and converts the light source into energy. Once fully charged, the Eco-Drive can run for as long as six months in the dark without being recharged.

    Atomic Timekeeping

    • Some Citizen watches use low-frequency radio signals to reset the time daily. The watch automatically sets the time daily, during the early morning hours to the nearest time station like the one in Ft. Collins, Colorado, in the United States. The time on the watch also can be set manually by simply pointing the timepiece in the direction of Ft. Collins no matter what region the wearer lives in .

    Skyhawk Eco-Drive Specifications

    • The Skyhawk Eco-Drive is one of Citizen's most popular outdoor style watches. It features a calendar. The watch also includes the name of the major city closest to where the owner lives that allows him to set the "home" time and then set a second time for a city in another part of the world. The watch is also equipped with an alarm function, multiple time zones, rechargeable battery and an insufficient battery charging warning function.

    One Step Ahead

    • Citizen has gained a reputation for innovative technology. The watchmaker's military-style Citizen BL5250-02L chronograph, for example is made of titanium, which is stronger than steel but weighs 50 percent lighter. It features a 42.5 mm diameter case, mineral crystal, blue dial with Citizen's Solar Eco-Drive movement, a 270-day power reserve, perpetual calendar and alarm. It's also water resistant to 200 meters.

    In-House Movement

    • Citizen is one of the rare watchmakers that manufactures its own automatic mechanical movements. The Citizen-owned Miyota 8215 movement is sold to different watchmakers and is often less expensive than its Swiss counterparts. The Miyota has emerged as the most sought after movement by American watchmakers that have their timepieces assembled in China and Japan.

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