Reinforcing Your Hide Away With Foil Garage Insulation

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If you have any plans to continue using your garage as a workspace, you may want to consider how much that workspace is costing you without the proper garage insulation.
You may very have put up the highest quality fiber glass in the walls, used foam board and even drywall to get the perfect finish but that is only going to do so much when it comes to insulating your garage.
It may very well feel cozy in the winter when you've got the heat cranked but how effective is your insulation at pushing back the heat? Unfortunately, most people outfit their garage with common fiber glass.
While this type of garage insulation is effective at keeping the place warm, fiber glass has a downfall; it only slows the transfer of heat.
That means you are inevitably losing all of your heat to the outdoors and in the warmer months that heat is going to beat down and transfer into your living or recreational space.
The only way to almost completely prevent that transfer of heat is by using a radiant barrier in your garage insulation.
Unfortunately if you've already got a finished garage it can be difficult to go into the walls to add foil insulation however there are other areas where it can be applied in order to work effectively.
Garage insulation of this nature (foil) is more commonly applied within the attic of homes to help push the heat up that's beating down on the roof while also reflecting the heat back down into the home during the winter months.
The same principle applies to your garage.
Simply line the roof of the garage with the foil insulation for the best results - but you're not done yet.
Too many homeowners neglect to insulate the large garage door which is a major mistake when it comes to heating and cooling.
While it's not necessary to put fiber glass there and wall it over you can apply foil garage insulation to the interior of the door.
As long as the edges of the garage door have a good seal, the foil garage insulation will work wonders in preventing heat loss even through that thin metal door.
If you want your work, living or recreational space to be comfortable then you'll have to take the time to provide proper garage insulation.
That way your favorite hide away doesn't need to be limited to fair weather - you can hit your escape any time you like.
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